Method Acting for Non-Actors
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Are you a person in the business world, who is:  
Seeking a way to become more confident when making presentations, asking for assignments with more responsibility, and requesting raises?
Would you like to learn to THINK like an artist--as an actor does--"Outside The Box"?
Would you enjoy infusing more creativity into your daily life?
Are you shy, and looking for an outlet to develop your ability to interact more easily, with others?
Do you want to do more self-discovery? Do you think you need a creative outlet?
Have you been depressed--perhaps wishing you'd gotten a better start this year?
"You do not lose yourself in a role--you FIND yourself in it."
I will teach you the basics of Stanislavski, and also work with you on developing your own "technique"....
I use an inner-to-the-outer-technique which serves me well, and can work for you, even if you're NOT an actor!!
You will write your own "scripts", we will role-play, and you'll perform!!
I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts, Performance from the University of South Florida, and have been working in Theatre for years.
If you think you are serious--about gaining confidence, becoming a stronger "performer"--in whatever field you are in-- and a more creative, fulfilled  human being--e-mail me, and let's get started!!!
Lisa Allender